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Euclid Police Department Officer / Employee

Commendation - Inquiry - Allegation


     Your commendation, inquiry, or allegation will be brought to the attention of the Chief of Police.  He will assign a special investigator to gather all the facts.  Once the investigator has filed their report, it will be carefully reviewed by the Chief of Police, and a final disposition will be made.

     A representative of the Euclid Police Department will notify you as to the final disposition of your commendation, inquiry, or allegation, usually within 30 days from the date it was submitted.

     If you prefer, you may email your commendation, inquiry, or allegation directly to INFO@EUCLIDPD.ORG.  Please keep in mind the email provided is the general email account for the Euclid Police Department and is not a direct secure email to the Chief of Police.

     To provide complete privacy related to your commendation, inquiry, or allegation, you can complete the printable CIA form and mail it directly to the Euclid Police Department.

Euclid Police Department
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click here - printable EPD CIA Report