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     You must meet all of the requirements to join the Explorer Program prior to applying, such as; school grades, no serious arrests or convictions, good moral character, and etc.
If accepted into the Explorer Program, you will be expected to maintain these standards throughout your stay in the Explorer Post. If you do not maintain these standards, you could be removed from the program.
     If accepted into the Explorer Program, you will be required to purchase a specific pair of uniform pants within one month after your acceptance. These pants will cost approximately $30 to $60 dollars.
     If accepted into the Explorer Program, you will be required to maintain grooming standards on hair length and appearance, facial hair and general appearance. These standards are to be met by the next Explorer meeting or activity after you are accepted. These standards will also be maintained throughout your stay in the Explorer Program or you could be removed.
There is no dating other members of the Explorer Program. Although friendships are made, the Explorer Program is not intended to be used as a dating service or to find boyfriends or girlfriends for you. If it is discovered that members of the Explorer Program are dating, both members will be removed from the program.
     Any occurrence of dishonesty, and/or deception is grounds for immediate termination from the Explorer Program.
     If accepted into the Explorer Program, you will be required to accept constructive criticism and occasional discipline. The discipline for minor infractions may include, but is not limited to, memos, push-ups, and/or running stairs. You must be willing to accept and perform the assigned discipline when asked.
     The Euclid Police Explorer Program will maintain high standards. We expect all of our members to be proud of who they are and proud to belong to this organization. We will not make exceptions to our high standards as we do have a reputation to live up to. Therefore, if you do not feel that you are capable of following these simple rules and requirements, we suggest you reconsider applying for this program.
     If you do feel you can follow these rules and requirements, we INVITE and WELCOME your application to become a Euclid Police Explorer.
     Thanks for your interest and will look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

Please contact the Community Policing Division for further information.