An unruly child is defined as any child who does not submit to the reasonable control of the child’s parents, teachers, guardian, or custodian, by reason of being wayward or habitually disobedient; and any child who behaves in a manner as to injure or endanger the child’s own health or morals or the health or morals of others.
You may not need to complete this form if:

  • Your child is currently involved with the juvenile court system or on probation
  • Your child is currently involved with Cuyahoga County Child & Family Services
  • Your child is currently involved in counseling or with a social service agency

You can directly contact that agency to report the unruly behavior.


Completing an Unruly Juvenile Referral means you are filing a charge against your child.

If your child has broken or damaged property this offense is Criminal Damage, not Unruly.
If your child has pushed, hit, attacked or threatened a family member this offense is Domestic Violence, not Unruly.

This Unruly Juvenile Referral will be forwarded to Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court for determination of what action will be taken. Either you will be contacted by Juvenile Court Intake, or if your child is eligible for the Diversion Program, you will be contacted by the EPD Juvenile Diversion Administrator.

If the Diversion Program is the option, you and your child will be required to attend a diversion hearing which costs $50.

Diversion Program sanctions imposed will most likely include community service for the child; and family counseling for you and your child, but other sanctions are also possible.

Although you have filed a charge, you are still responsible for the behavior and actions of your child. Filing this Unruly Juvenile Referral does not release you from your parental responsibilities.


Making a Difference Consulting, Euclid (216) 394-3012
Moore Counseling & Mediation, Euclid (216) 404-1900
United Way Social Services 211 or (216) 436-2000
Euclid YMCA Collaborative, Euclid (216) 731-7454
Family Behavioral Health, Mayfield Hts. (440) 460-0140

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Please note that this form will be submitted to the Euclid Police Department.
According to Ohio code 2921.13 Falsification:

(A) No person shall knowingly make a false statement, or knowingly swear or affirm the truth of a false statement previously made, when any of the following applies:

(1) The Statement is made in any official proceeding.

(2) The statement is made with purpose to incriminate another.

(3) The statement is made with purpose to mislead a public official in performing the public official’s official function.