Residents in Euclid may take advantage of a free, voluntary program to register their installed security cameras through a program offered by the Cuyahoga County Office of the Prosecutor. Officers investigating crimes in Euclid can use available video footage to help solve those crimes. Residents can assist the Euclid Police by registering their security cameras. Questions can be directed to the Euclid Community Policing Unit at 216-289-8449.

  1. Participation is voluntary.
  2. Registration information is not public, and only used by Law Enforcement Officers.
  3. Euclid Police do not have access to your camera system, only information that you own and operate your own security camera system.
  4. Residents give permission for Euclid Police to collect the video footage that may contain evidence of criminal activity.
  5. Under no circumstance should registrants construe they are acting as an agent or employee of the City of Euclid or the Euclid Police Department.

To register your security camera system for Euclid, complete this linked application: Security Camera Registration