Every day we take responsibility and measures to ensure our own safety and security. We lock up our homes when we leave for work, use a seat belt in the car, and we lock our cars when we get to work. On the job we use firewalls or antiviral software, or wear personal protective gear. We also have the duty to protect our children, which is one reason we teach them to look both ways before crossing the street. Unfortunately, mass shootings & attacks in the workplace and at school are becoming an ever increasing threat. In line with our mission and our commitment to create a safe and secure community, the Euclid Police Department is offering active shooter preparation to schools, businesses and community groups. The department will provide schools & businesses with a site security assessment. Click on this link for an active shooter preparedness resource:      Active Threat Preparedness

The EPD will:

  • Provide active threat training presentation.
  • Participate in round table discussions, Q&A sessions, lecture, or assist with drill exercises.
  • Present truths and statistics regarding active threat and shooter events and explore active shooter profile.
  • Review and evaluate past active shooter situations.
  • Present options for proactive response, survival tools & strategies.
  • Provide life-long lessons to be utilized by people of all ages, in any environment if they should ever be confronted with extreme danger.

To schedule a presentation contact the Community Policing Unit at 289-8449.

CRASE (Civilian Response to Active Shooter Event) is a slide show presentation to learn about disaster response and how to prepare and respond to being inside a building during an active shooter event. Euclid Police personnel will present the steps to take to assist law enforcement and to limit casualties. Call 216-289-8449 to schedule a CRASE presentation at your business or organization.