The Euclid Police Activities League (PAL) and the Euclid Police Department are excited to announce: Shots Over Shots or S.O.S.! It is an educational program geared toward encouraging our youth to focus on behaviors, activities, and goals that keep them moving in a positive direction while keeping them away from guns. We are asking our youth AND their families to pick a goal – something they’d like to achieve in a specific sport, then work for it! Take videos of your training and post to social media tagging @EuclidPAL and using the hashtag #ShotsOverShots. When your video posts, you will earn your own #ShotsOverShots t-shirt! There will also be a #ShotsOverShots video contest. The best videos posted in each sport have a chance to win some great prizes like cash, gift cards, and sports memorabilia! 

Attached is our ShotsOverShots Goal Sheet for you to use during your process! We are excited to see what you come up with!

For more information or questions, you can reference the ShotsOverShots Letter or email Officer George Panagiotou at