In early 2014, Euclid Police SWAT became integrated in the Eastside Departments Group Enforcement regional SWAT team. This group of specially trained and assembled police officers from member jurisdiction cities can be requested for deployment to critical incidents where special weapons, tactics and communications are needed.

The purpose and intent of EDGE SWAT is to serve as a specialized, flexible and mobile team, activated to assist member jurisdiction departments in addressing and resolving critical incidents outside of normal police operations. EDGE SWAT police departments include Beachwood, Euclid, Shaker Heights, South Euclid, University Heights and Cleveland Heights.

EDGE Mobile Field Force

Designed to provide rapid, organized and disciplined responses to civil disorder and crowd control, the MFF is a platoon of officers from multiple agencies including Euclid Police  that uses small squad tactics developed by the Office of Domestic Preparedness to de-escalate critical situations. Team members attend regular trainings, and focus on field force and crowd control tactics, but also firearm drills, rescues, first aid and extrication tactics.