Building Bridges between Cops, Kids & the Community

Mission / Vision Statement: Euclid PAL is dedicated to building bridges between Cops, Kids, & the Community! Founded in our core values and driven by our commitment to serve others as law enforcement officers, we use the strength of community to build a better world for our kids to grow up in!

COMPASSION: Compassion asks of a person to not only empathize with another’s feelings or situation, but also to be willing to take action in helping with that situation. The Euclid Police Activities League embodies Compassion with every thought, every idea, and every deed. We desire nothing more than to connect with our youth and empower them to change their circumstances through positive action steps that lead to success.

OPPORTUNITIES: We will provide diversity in opportunities for our youth in order to expose them to new things, give them new experiences, and continue to help them grow in what they love. We will also strive to take advantage of the opportunities our youth give us to positively steer them in the right direction and help mold them into positive, productive, members of our community.

PARTNERSHIPS: Partnerships are the very foundation of community. Euclid PAL will continue to build and use valuable partnerships with area businesses and the citizens of our community in order to provide the best experiences possible for our youth. In addition, we will continue to focus on building partnerships with our youth and their families. This ensures that we make the most important impact where it matters most – in the hearts and homes of our members!

STANDARDS: A standard is a level of quality or a model to be compared to. Euclid PAL is committed to maintaining high standards of character, conduct, and safety from our members. Not only do these standards create the best possible environment for our events, they also teach appropriate and expected behaviors from our kids in society. These will, in turn, add to the standards and expectations they set for themselves in life and prepare them for future success!

PAL Mission, Vision, Values

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