Nineteenth Century
The early settlers of Euclid Township held their first election April 2, 1810, and Nehmiah Dille was elected constable.
Twentieth Century
village-1903The city of Euclid was incorporated into a village at an election held on February 14, 1903. The resolution for incorporation was passed on February 17, 1903. The first town marshal, William Covert, was elected April 6, 1903.
Automobiles were getting faster and could outrun the horses used by the Village Marshals. In response to this the Village Council decided to purchase an Indian Motorcycle in 1911.

That same year, the Euclid Village marshal’s salary was $960.00.

January 1926 – Elmer Hill appointed chief of police.

December 1926 – Karl Schmidt appointed chief of police.

In 1938, the police station moved to the basement of the then new City Hall building on East 222 Street.
Ernest Peters appointed chief of police.
Twenty-First Century
david-maineDavid A. Maine appointed chief of police.
Scott Meyer appointed chief of police.