Bar coding of evidence and property continues to facilitate a smoother and faster method of logging items into the facility. Several key changes have taken place in our evidence collection and storage procedures in the past several years. Keeping all bio-hazards (blood evidence) in the same location, preventing cross-contamination of other, non-hazardous evidence. Creating a bar code to log in media cards, ensuring that this type of evidence will more easily follow the respective case. Creating a separate evidence location and bar code for counterfeit currency.

We also continue to purge or destroy evidence in cases which had been adjudicated by the courts, along with any seizures ordered by the courts. These items include all types of weapons, cell phones, clothing, tools, and computers. If any person is looking to retrieve property or evidence that is no longer needed by the courts, you need to contact the property and evidence room at phone number 216-289-2718 to make an appointment.