Safety Town Activity : Fire Safety


This lesson demonstrates safe escape routes and makes children aware of stop, drop, and roll.

Key Words: route, escape, drill



Children will be able to understand the safest routes out of burning buildings.

Children will be able to understand how to protect themselves if caught on fire.


Watch the video.

Discuss never playing with matches, lighters, or gasoline.

Color the Stop, Drop and Roll Coloring Sheet.


Complete then Color the A-Maze-ing Escape Route Sheet.

Use the Hear the Beep-Escape Plan Flyer to draw your house and exit routes out of the house.

Enrichment (if you want more)

Review Home Fire Safety

Review Home Fire Escape Planning

Read the Tri-Fold Brochure



Locate a meeting spot outside of your house, go there and explain this is where we all meet. Next, find the smoke detectors in your home. Press the button to hear what is sounds like. Practice several fire drills and have your child in different rooms each time and meet at the spot outside. After, go to the backyard and have your child practice Stop, Drop, and Roll.

Call Euclid Fire Department and ask if you can visit a fire station near you to meet a firefighter and see the firetruck. Have your child explain to the firefighter what was learned that day.

Be Careful! Never play with fire. Never play around a fire or a flame. If there is lots of smoke in your house, crawl on the floor to escape. Call 9-1-1 after you are at your family meeting spot.