Safety Town Activity : Keeping Clean and Healthy


This lesson will demonstrate an understanding of germs and how to stay clean to keep healthy.

Key Words: germs, healthy, palms



Children will be able to understand that germs make us sick.

Children will be able to understand how to wash hands, sneeze and cough correctly.


Discuss how sneezes and coughs spread germs.

Sneeze Like a Vampire video

Cover Your Mouth video


Hand Washing for Kids video

Color the Sink Germs Coloring Sheet.

Complete the Good Habits, Healthy Body Sheet.

Enrichment (if you want more)

Review Germ Facts for Kids

Brush Your Teeth video

Color Healthy Foods Sheet


Take your child to the sink and practice washing hands with soap. Explain what are the palms of your hands and start by scrubbing the palms. Wash the back of hands, in between fingers, thumbs, and tips of fingers and fingernails. Sing the ABC song while washing your hands. Remind your child that sneezes and coughs allow germs to get on our hands and that can make us sick.

Take your child to the kitchen and look inside the food cupboards and refrigerator. Talk about what foods are healthy and what foods have sugar. Remind your child that too much sugar is not healthy. Allow your child to pick a healthy snack for the day.
Be Careful! Don’t touch your face with your hands until after you wash your hands thoroughly. Always wash your hands before eating, after using the bathroom and after touching animals. Sneeze and cough into your elbow and sleeve, not your hands.