Safety Town Activity : Pool & Water Safety


This lesson will demonstrate an understanding of the danger of pools or bodies of water and safety steps to survive.

Key Words: deep water


Children will be able to understand the danger of a pool, Lake Erie or other water source.

Children will be able to understand safety steps around pools and water.


Water Safety & Rules Coloring Sheet

Library books on pool and water safety.




Discuss that deep water means the water is over your head if you jump or fall in.

Go to the library and find stories about pool and water safety.

Color Water Safety & Rules


Watch Splish! Splash! Video.

Watch Water Safety Video.


Enrichment (if you want more)

Review Water Safety Safe Kids flyer and Pool Brochure


Let your child help in making a list of pool rules and rules when going to the lake or a river. Visit Memorial Park public pool and practice what you have learned. Take a stroll through Euclid Creek Park and talk about water safety. Take a trip to Kenneth J. Sims Park and Henn Mansion which is along Lake Erie. Remind your child that the lake is deep and can be dangerous to both children and adults.

Always have an adult watch you. Don’t go in water over your head. Always walk around the pool—don’t run. Listen to the lifeguards and adults. Obey pool rules. Never play rough around the pool or in the water. Jump feet first. Never push someone into the pool or jump on someone.

Be Careful! Enroll your child in swimming lessons! Four years old is a good age to begin, but it’s never too late to start. Children should never go alone into a pool, Lake Erie or other water source.