Safety Town Activity : School Bus Safety


This lesson will familiarize your child with the schools bus and introduce safety concepts.

Key Words: bus driver, rules, take turns, polite


Children will understand the purpose of a school bus and who drives a bus.

Children will be introduced to bus safety rules.


Watch the Let’s Ride the Bus video.

Color the Bus Stop Coloring Sheet.

Discuss the points and then color the Help the Bus Driver sheet.


Watch the school bus video.

Discuss the points and then color the Stay Alert at the Bus Stop.

Play the Bus Safety Game.

Enrichment (if you want more)

Review School Bus Safety Rules.



Q & A time! Ask who rides the school bus? Why do we need school buses? Do moms and dads ride the school bus? Who drives the school bus? Where to school buses go? Discuss these rules: stay away from the street while waiting, enter bus one at a time (take turns), greet the driver (be polite), find a seat, be quiet and keep your hands to yourself.

Play the School Bus Movement Poem game. Set up a few chairs in your home or outdoors in a line front to back. Your child should sit in the last seat while you recite the poem. Your child will bump up and down and lean left and right (which is good to help reinforce direction) and finally move to the front seat!

Be Careful! Never play by the street when waiting for the bus. Wait until the bus stops and opens the door for you. Never run across the street before getting on or after getting off the bus.