Safety Town Activity : Stranger Danger


This lesson will demonstrate an understanding of what children should do when approached by someone they don’t know.

Key Words: stranger, trusted adult


Children will be able to identify people that are safe to know, sort of know, and don’t know.

Children will be able to demonstrate safe actions to take.


Safe Strangers Coloring Sheet

Yell No Stranger Danger Sheet




Watch the video.

Discuss who the trusted adults are in your family and in the community.

Always teach confidence not fear! Be assertive.


Discuss what your child should do if someone in a car stops and talks to them.

  1. Stay Away/Don’t talk
  2. Refuse Gifts
  3. Yell No and Get Away
  4. Tell a Trusted Adult

Enrichment (if you want more)

Review What is a Stranger Safe Stranger

Who Can Help Me Coloring Worksheet

Practice saying name, address, and phone number


Explain role play to your child and that you will act like a stranger. Remind your child to refuse offers, never talk to strangers, stay away from strangers, and yell NO if they need to. Now act like a stranger and ask your child for directions, ask to help find your lost dog, ask if they want some candy. Praise your child when they refuse, say NO and keep away from you. Now let your child roll play to be the stranger for you!

Be aware of your surroundings. Look at car license plates and play a game. Can your child identify the letters and numbers on the plate? Describe the color of the car and if it has two doors or four doors. Is there anything about the car that is unique, like a bumper stickers or broken window? What does the driver look like? Can your child remember some of these things and repeat them back to you?

Be Careful! Remember to refuse candy and gifts from people you don’t know. Adults should never ask children for help; they should ask another adult. Yell NO and walk or run away from a stranger. Never get inside a stranger’s car. Remind your child to play and stay with other children—safety in numbers.