Safety Town Activity : Street Signals, Signs & Pedestrian Safety


This lesson will demonstrate an understanding of crossing a street safely and identifying street signs for crossing the street safely.

Key Words: signals, signs, obey, crosswalk


  • Children will be able to identify street signs needed for crossing the street safely.
  • Children will be able to understand rules to obey for safe walking.


Watch the video.

Discuss the 5 safety steps on Crossing the Street Coloring Worksheet, then use crayons to color it.



Discuss traffic signal and stop sign colors on the Know Your Traffic Signals Coloring Sheet, then use crayons to color it.

Play Red Light, Green Light in the back yard.


Take your child to find a street curb. Go over these steps as you practice together. STOP at the edge of curb. LOOK left, right and left again. LISTEN for moving cars. Make EYE CONTACT with drivers if you can. WALK don’t run across the street. CONTINUE to look and listen for cars while crossing. Find a stop sign. What color is it? What does it tell drivers to do?

Take your child to find a 4-way crosswalk with a traffic signal. Go over these items and practice together. What colors are on the traffic signal? What do those colors mean? When pedestrian signal flashes for you to cross, what does it look like? What color is it and what is it telling you to do? Stay within the lines while you cross. Review Traffic Signal Worksheet.
Be Careful! Never run across the street. Never run out between parked cars. Never chase toys or friends into the street. Remember streets are for traffic, and cars are big, fast moving machines, so we must be careful around them!