Safety Town Activity : Eddie Eagle Gun Safety


This lesson will demonstrate the procedure to follow if children locate a gun.

Key Words: gun, toy gun, replica


Children will be able to recite the four rules of gun safety.

Children will be able to understand the danger guns.


Stop, Don’t Touch Coloring Sheet

Eddie Eagle Team Coloring Sheet




Watch the video.

Discuss the four steps children should take if they find a gun while coloring the Stop, Don’t Touch Coloring Sheet.


Read The Attic Secret.

Color the Eddie Eagle Team Coloring Sheet.


Enrichment (if you want more)

Review A Parent’s Guide

Air Gun BB Gun Brochure


Are air guns, pellet guns, BB guns, and paint ball guns toys? NO! Teach your child that all guns are real guns and can hurt or kill someone. An exception would be a plastic water pistol. Use the Air Gun BB Gun Brochure to show the picture of the real and replica guns and how they look alike. Replica means it looks just like a regular gun and shoots something out that could still hurt someone.

Use something like a coffee mug to represent a gun or draw a picture of gun. Hide it in a room and then have your child try to locate the ‘gun’ and follow the Stop, Don’t Touch, Leave the Area and Tell an Adult safety rules.

Be Careful! Never pick up a gun. Never say a gun is a toy. Never take a replica gun and remove the orange safety tip so that it looks like a regular gun. Guns can hurt or kill people.