Night Parking Violation

There is no parking on the streets of Euclid between 2- 6 a.m. Parking overnight on the street is violation number 351.12 and if a Euclid Police Officer observes your vehicle in the street between 2-6 a.m. you will receive a parking citation. Many signs are posted throughout Euclid on main streets to alert drivers- but signs are NOT displayed … Read More

Fraud Resources

Scam Squad is a senior financial fraud task force that unites nonprofits and social service agencies with local, state and federal law enforcement in the fight against fraud. The task force’s goal is to make it easier for seniors to report scams and to allow agencies to quickly share information about scams with each other and with the public. Check … Read More

Introduction to Crime Prevention

Register for Course here: INTRODUCTION TO CRIME PREVENTION The Ohio Crime Prevention Association will be hosting a three-day Introduction to Crime Prevention Course for sworn and non-sworn professionals interested in beginning crime prevention initiatives or those interested in refreshing their knowledge. Effective Crime Prevention has been seen as a key strategy in reducing crime and violence in our communities. This comprehensive course … Read More

EPD Assists OCPA

Willoughby Hills Police Department Chief Naegele received an OCPA license plate from John DiPietro of OCPA. WHPD is hosting a crime prevention specialist training offered by the Ohio Crime Prevention Association OCPA District 3 Representatives Bruce Felton from Solon and Kate McLaughlin from Euclid were on hand to greet participants and talk about our involvement in the OCPA! Join Ohio … Read More

Register Euclid Cameras

Using every available resource can assist Euclid Police Officers in helping to solve crimes.  Residents who have security cameras installed can help the investigation by providing their video footage to police when a crime occurs in their neighborhood.  But how would police know if you have a security camera installed?  Often, officers walk to each home and look for installed … Read More

Report Fraud to FTC

The Federal Trade Commission launched, a new website that makes it easy for people to report fraud, scams, and bad business practices. (The site is also available in Spanish at

Secure Your Handgun

Euclid Police Department respects the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. However, when not in immediate possession, the weapon must be stored securely and responsibly.  Properly storing firearms is a responsibility every gun owner should take seriously.  Leaving a handgun inside a dresser drawer or closet is not safe or secure, and storing handguns inside the glovebox or … Read More

OCPA Conference

All persons and businesses can attend the Ohio Crime Prevention Association Conference and you can elect to join this great crime prevention organization. EPD is a member! Kate McLaughlin will be speaking on Community Engagement at this year’s conference. Click on the link below for the flyer. OCPA Conference Flyer

EPD Crime Prevention Conference

Interested in learning something new about law enforcement and crime prevention?  Would you like to take an active role to make your neighborhood safer?  Are you willing to communicate with your neighbors and the police?  Open this link for more information on the EPD Crime Prevention Mini Conference: EPD Crime Prevention Mini Conference

Theft from Auto

The best crime prevention measure to keep from being a victim of theft from auto is to remove all valuables from your car. Roll up the windows and lock your car doors too. Never keep a firearm stored inside your vehicle either. Thieves will rummage around in cars that have paperwork and other non-valuables left inside, so a clean empty … Read More

New Tobacco Law in Euclid

Click this link to read the new City of Euclid Ordinance regarding tobacco sales.  Tobacco products can only be sold to those who are 21 years old or older:  Tobacco Law

Report Hit Skip Tips to EPD

A fatal hit skip accident occurred on February 3, 2017 on Euclid Avenue at 6:15 p.m.  The vehicle is described as a 2002-2007  Royal Blue Porsche Cayenne sport utility vehicle with dark tinted windows. If you have any tips regarding this fatal accident Call Euclid Police at 216-731-1234.

IRS Scam Alert

There has been an increase in Euclid residents’ complaints about IRS scam phone calls. The scammers are very convincing using demands and threats, using fake titles and badge numbers, and using limited information on you to frighten you into paying immediately. The IRS will NEVER call and demand money, will NEVER require payment by prepaid debit card, will NEVER ask … Read More

K-9 Rocky

On Saturday, November 2nd at 1:30 p.m., a concerned resident of E. 246th Street called in suspicious activity of a male wearing a black hoodie entering the side door of a vacant house. Officers arrived on scene and commanded those inside to evacuate, which resulted in seven juveniles exiting the home. The K-9 Unit was called in to check for … Read More