City Taking Tow Bids

The City of Euclid is taking tow bids for 2017-2018.  The deadline to submit is 9/30/16 and open at Board of Control is 10/3/16.        Copy of specifications here:   2017- 2018 Tow Spec Sheet EUCLID POLICE DEPARTMENT TOWING CONTRACT SPECIFICATIONS   It is the intention of the City of Euclid to contract with a successful bidder(s) for the … Read More

Camera Initiative

Dear Citizens: We would like to invite you to assist the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office with a new initiative surrounding surveillance cameras. We believe this initiative would benefit all of us by helping to keep our streets, yards, homes and businesses safe. Simply put, the Prosecutor’s Office would like to locate privately owned security cameras in our community, either residential … Read More

Fighting Imposter Scams

Fighting Imposter Scams Impostor scams are among the fastest-growing scams in the country. In these scams, con artists pretend to be IRS agents, debt collectors, police or even grandchildren of their intended victims. These convincing scams have cost victims thousands of dollars apiece. Over the last year, scammers have begun asking victims to pay them with iTunes gift cards. No … Read More