City Taking Tow Bids

The City of Euclid is taking tow bids for 2017-2018.  The deadline to submit is 9/30/16 and open at Board of Control is 10/3/16.        Copy of specifications here:   2017- 2018 Tow Spec Sheet





It is the intention of the City of Euclid to contract with a successful bidder(s) for the period beginning January 1, 2017 and ending December 31, 2018, for the removal of vehicles that are wrecked, junked, or otherwise must be removed at the direction of the Euclid Police Department.


It is the further intention of the City of Euclid to instruct the Police Department to designate the successful bidder(s) as the firm to be called when automobile accidents occur in the City Of Euclid, should the owner of the damaged automobile or automobiles have no personal preference.


It is the further intention of the City of Euclid that the successful bidder shall have the obligation to remove all cars designated as junked, damaged, abandoned, stolen, or illegally parked, and the removal of cars pursuant to an arrest, when notified by proper officials of the City of Euclid, without cost to the city, other than herein provided for.


The following specifications are required by the bidder to comply with the towing contract:

  1. The bidder shall clearly set forth rates he intends to charge for towing                                   and road service provided in the removal of vehicles that are junk,                             abandoned, involved in a motor vehicle crash, or otherwise must be                                    removed at the direction of the Euclid Police Department.  The rates                                  shall include the cost for each of the following:


  1. STRAIGHT HOOK-UP – Rate INCLUDES the use of a SLING and WHEEL LIFT TOWS and BASIC SERVICES, such as disengaging the linkage of the transmission, clearing the scene of debris, allowing for one tire change, and four (4) hours of storage, as described in (A) (4).
  2. FLAT-BED and DOLLY TOW Rate INCLUDES basic services such as disengaging the linkage of the transmission, clearing the scene of debris, allowing for one tire change, and four (4) hours of storage, as described in (A) (4).
  3. Tractor Trailer/Semi-trucks and Trailer Tows.
  4. Charges for additional storage (The first four (4) hours of storage during regular business hours shall be included in the cost of the tow). The bidder acknowledges that in circumstances storage fee time periods can be reduced by the Police Department for cause.


  1. Total storage charges for motor vehicles that have been immobilized by the Euclid Municipal Court for periods of 30, 60, 90, 120, and 180, days respectively. Also any “processing fee” for vehicles that are driven to the storage lot for immobilization.
  2. Labor Charges for Extra Services.


  1. The bidder shall assure that charges for towing shall be based upon the type of equipment needed for an individual tow rather than the type of equipment   actually used (for example, if a vehicle need only be towed using a sling, but         only a flatbed is available, the charge rendered shall be for the use of the sling tow).


  1. The bidder shall be required to maintain records on all vehicles towed and released on the order of the Euclid Police Department.  Each month, the            successful bidder will submit a copy of each invoice (after the vehicle is     released) to the Chief of Police.  This will be done by the 15th day of each    month and will report the activity of the previous month.  The copies of the invoices should include the following information about each vehicle towed:


  1. The year, make, license number and /or serial number.
  2. The date and time the vehicle was towed.
  3. The date and time the vehicle was released to the proper person at the agency’s facility.
  4. All applicable fees that were charged the individual receiving the release of the vehicle.
  5. The signature of the individual to whom the vehicle was released, confirming the charges that were paid.


  1. The bidder shall furnish a complete list of all charges of services and storage that will be posted in a conspicuous place in the Police Station as well as in            the towing facility.


  1. The bidder shall specify the amount of SALVAGE VALUE that will be paid to the City of Euclid for “Auto Junks”, i.e., vehicles that are removed from the City of Euclid at the direction of the Euclid Police Department in violation of    O.R.C. 4513.63 and transported directly to a salvage yard.  (This section shall     not apply to vehicles that are towed to the premises of the Towing facility     and “junked” at a later date by officers of the Euclid Police Department.)  The      Towing Agency shall pay the City of Euclid for auto junks on a monthly   basis.  Auto junks for any given month shall be paid for by the end of the         following month (for example: Auto junks made in January shall be paid        for by the end of February.)






  1. Each month, the successful bidder shall provide a list of all vehicles on its premises that are scheduled to be “junked” by the Euclid Police Department,        in violation of O.R.C. 4513.63.  List shall include make, model, year, VIN number, date of tow, and police report number.  Towing Agency shall             provide a photograph of each vehicle scheduled to be junked form the             impound lot.


  1. Any vehicles towed and stored at the direction of a proper official of the Euclid Police Department, which vehicles are the subject of an official police             investigation, or are being held pursuant to the direction of any law          enforcement agency as evidence in any criminal proceedings, shall be stored            in a secure location.  Access to said vehicles shall be restricted to authorized     personnel of the law enforcement agency directing such storage.  No charge             for storage and /or disposition of vehicles involved in a police investigation        or other criminal proceeding shall be assessed against the City of Euclid.


The City of Euclid will cooperate with all reasonable requests of the    successful bidder in the disposition of said vehicles.


  1. The bidder shall describe the said facilities as to location, area, and improvements.  These locations shall be properly maintained as to fencing,      lighting, and security.  The area on which the towed vehicles will be stored          must be a hard surface with proper drainage, in order to allow all persons a       safe and clear access to any vehicle.  The lot surface will be maintained in      good condition at all times.


  1. The bidder must make provisions to grant vehicle releases between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M., Monday through Saturday.


  1. The bidder shall have the facilities to accommodate a minimum of one hundred (100) vehicles for the storage of wrecked, damaged, or abandoned    automobiles.  The lots provided must have a chain link fence and locking            gate.  They shall be responsible for all details of the disposition of said     vehicles and shall, at all times, comply with the laws of the State of Ohio, the             ordinances of the City of Euclid, and the ordinances of any municipality to     which or from which the automobiles are moved.  All storage lots shall be       inspected and approved by the Chief of Police or his designee prior to use.


  1. In the event the bidder has a business location within the confines of the City of Euclid, the bidder is specifically charged with the responsibility of        determining that any storage area used shall be used in compliance with any         applicable ordinances of the City of Euclid or statutes of the State of Ohio including, but not limited to, fence ordinances and zoning regulations.



  1. The bidder shall have acceptable equipment to accomplish the purposes herein set forth, which equipment, with operators, shall be available twenty-      four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week and shall furnish a listing of the        type, capacity, manufacturer and year of manufacture of the said equipment.         In the event the purchase of additional equipment is contemplated, the             additional equipment shall be clearly described and the date of acquisition    set forth with the understanding that failure to acquire the equipment will be      reason for revocation at the option of the Safety Director.


  1. All Tow Trucks must meet the following requirements and have the following specialized equipment available:


  1. Each wrecker and its equipment must be of sufficient capacity to safely handle the vehicle towed.
  2. The lifting and towing devices shall be designed and used to permit vehicles to be handled without inflicting damage. Vehicles are to be towed in accordance with the recommended towing procedures established by the manufactures of both domestic and foreign-made vehicles.
  3. The tow plate or sling attachment chains and hooks shall be of such structural strength that individual chains will have a capacity to the weight of the towed vehicle. No less than two chains shall be used.  Vehicles with ground effect spoilers or rubber bumpers will be wheel- towed or hauled on a flat bed truck.
  4. All Tow Truck components (winches, booms, cable clamps, thimbles, sheaves, guides, controls, blocks, slings, chains, hooks, etc.) are to be maintained in good condition at all times. Cable fittings for hooks, slings, etc., shall be assembled by factory recommendations and specifications.  All portable equipment (i.e., shovel, broom, reflectors, flashlights, fire extinguisher, etc.) Shall be permanent accessories and be available on the truck at all times.
  5. A flashing, oscillating or rotating amber light shall be permanently mounted so as to be easily visible in all directions, even when towing a vehicle.
  6. Wheel Protectors (Mud Flaps): Tow trucks shall be equipped with suitable metal protectors or substantial flexible flaps on the rear most wheels of such vehicle or combination of vehicles to prevent, as far a practical, the wheels from throwing dirt, water, or other materials on the windshields of following vehicles. Such protectors or flaps shall have ground clearance of not more than one-fifth of the distance from the center of the rearmost axle to the center of the flaps under any conditions of loading of the vehicle, and they shall be at least as wide as the ties they are protecting.  If the vehicle is so designed and constructed that such requirements are accomplished by means of fenders, body construction, or other means of enclosure, then no such protectors or flaps are required.
  7. Fire Extinguisher: To be type ABC of at least ten (10) pound capacity.
  8. Flares: At least six (6) thirty-minute flares in a protective container approved by the Division of Safety.
  9. Safety Chains: Shall be attached to the vehicle and MUST be connected to the vehicle in tow.
  10. Tow Bar: Shall be a device that will hold a vehicle a firm distance behind the wrecker.
  11. Shovel: Carried to be used to pick up debris.
  12. Broom: Long handle, heavy duty, push or standard.
  13. Wrecking Bars: Any sturdy wrecking bar at least 36” in length
  14. Blocks: Two scotch blocks, two snatch blocks and on 4” x 4” x36” board.
  15. Tie Ropes: To be commercially manufactured steering wheel locks approved by the Division of Safety.
  16. Hand Tools: Standard Mechanics hand tools.
  17. Stop Lights: At least two sets; one at regular height and one set sufficiently high to be seen over towed vehicles.
  18. Turn signals: No less than three sets of Class A turn signals, one set consisting of two lights in front, one set of two lights on the highest point of the vehicle, and one set of lights in the rear; except that where there is no provision made by the plate, the rear set of lights shall also be installed on the highest point of the vehicle.
  19. Flasher: Shall be capable of flashing all turn signals simultaneously.  All other flashing equipment on the wrecker must be in proper working condition.
  20. Floodlights: Aimed so as to be of the most assistance to operators working in rear of vehicle at night.
  21. Appearance: Paint shall be in good condition and body free of extensive damage.
  22. Tow Truck Markings: Each Tow Truck shall be painted with the name of the Towing Agency and the telephone number.


  1. Rules Governing the Towing Agency and Its Employees:


  1. The Towing Agency shall respond to the scene of a request for a tow no later than 30 minutes after such request unless there are exigent circumstances. These circumstances could include weather or a large volume of request for tows.  It is hoped most responses would be in the area of 10-15 minutes.
  2. Rules of Conduct: The Towing Agency shall conduct business in an ethical and orderly manner, and strive to obtain and keep the confidence of the community.
  3. Regulation: The Towing Agency shall comply with all laws and ordinances that regulate tow units and the impound, towing, storage, selling or junking of vehicles.
  4. Cooperation: Tow operators shall abide by the decisions of Police Officers and shall cooperate in removing hazards, illegally parked vehicles, and in impounding vehicles.
  5. Operators: The Towing Agency shall be responsible for acts committed by employees while they are on duty.


  1. Radio Equipment: The Towing Agency must be equipped with phones to receive police calls.  Each tow truck shall have the capabilities of communication by radio with the Agency’s dispatching office.
  2. Tow Truck Operators shall not attempt to obtain a contract for authorization for repairs while at the scene of a Motor Vehicle Crash.
  3. Protection and Handling of Vehicles: It is the responsibility of the Towing Agency to protect impounded vehicles until the vehicles have either been released to the proper people of disposed of through the legal process.  Vehicles impounded at the direction of the Euclid Police Department shall be stored in the lot as approved by the Chief of Police or his designee, and not moved from said lot until released, junked or title transferred to the Agency.
  4. Property in Vehicles: The Towing Agency has the responsibility of safe guarding all articles left in impounded vehicles.  All property left in vehicles shall be listed on the Tow Sheet Inventory.  Any article removed for any reason, shall be properly identified.
  5. The Euclid Police Department must grant a release for all impounded vehicles under this contract, and the release must be presented to the agency holding the vehicle for final release and settlement of towing and storage fees. Under no circumstances shall the Towing Agency release or dispose of any vehicle without a release from the Euclid Police Department.
  6. The Towing Agency shall permit the owner and /or legal representative the right to inspect a stored vehicle prior to a release of the vehicle being obtained. They shall permit the owner and /or legal representative to recover from the stored vehicle those papers that are necessary for the granting of a release after obtaining a release for the vehicle from the Euclid Police Department.  They shall grant the release of personal effects from a vehicle after receiving a release or other authorized approval from the Euclid Police Department.







  1. Towing Reports: The Euclid Police Officer requesting that a vehicle be towed shall complete the prescribed Tow Form and sign the Form.  The tow truck operator shall inspect the Form at the time of the tow, and retain a copy.  If not in agreement with the Form, the operator shall make a note on their copy and bring this discrepancy to the attention of the Officer-in-Charge on duty at the Euclid Police Department.


  1. State Industrial Compensation: The Towing Agency shall be required at all times during the term of this Contract to subscribe to and comply with the Worker’s Compensation Laws of the State of Ohio and pay such premiums as may be required hereunder and to save the City of Euclid harmless from any and all liability from or under said act. Notification of any changes in the venders’ coverage will be communicated to the city within five business days of any change.



  1. Violation or failure to comply with any of the provisions of these Rules and Regulations may result in the suspension of the Towing Contract.  Continual       or repeated violations of these Specifications, or refusal or inability by the          Towing Agency to respond to a tow request, will result in a review of the       Agency’s performance, which also may result in a suspension or revocation      of this Towing Contract.


  1. The City of Euclid shall have the sole responsibility of making the final judgment as to acceptability of the equipment and the facilities preferred by the bidder and shall have full option to reject all bids. The vender will supply the city with a list of all applicable equipment within the inventory of the vender.


  1. The contract contemplated shall be revocable at any time by the singular action of the Safety Director, or such person, as he shall delegate, for a violation of conditions of the contract or these Specifications. The vender shall have seven (7) days to file an appeal on the causes brought by the city. The matter should be heard by the city within thirty (30) days from the date of the appeal.


  1. The bids shall be signed by an authorized officer of the bidder or other individual who, by his signature, shall have complete and absolute authority          to bind the bidder to the proposal and to the terms of these specifications.






  1. The form of the bid shall be a letter in which each bidder shall acknowledge that he has read and understands the spirit, intent, and meaning of the specifications, specifically the power of the Safety Director to revoke and         award for non-compliance.  The bids shall contain clear and unambiguous             representations with reference to each of the basic elements of these             specifications.


  1. Each bid shall contain the full names of every person or company interested in it and shall be accompanied by a sufficient bond, cashier’s check, official or certified check on a solvent bank in the amount of $500.00 as to guarantee that if the contract is awarded to the bidder, he/she will enter into a contract. Money Orders, personal checks or other bank checks will not be accepted in lieu of the above.


  1. The Bidder agrees to be liable for any and all real damage to City of Euclid vehicles and property, and private property and vehicles, while towing for the city of Euclid. The vender shall purchase and maintain for the life of the contract, naming the city as insured, the following minimum insurance coverage’s;


– Commercial Contractor’s General Liability Insurance in the amount of $500,000.00 for bodily injury or wrongful death for each person, $500,000.00 for each accident, $500,000.00 property damage liability, and $1,000,000.00 umbrella liability.


The vender shall make no claim against the city for damages or loss occasioned by the elements or from any other causes for which the city is not responsible. Notification of any changes in the venders insurance will be communicated to the city within five business days of any change.


  1. The City will follow the customary practices which are governed by ordnance with regard to the bidding process.




City of Euclid