CMHA Gives Presentation

The Euclid Public Library Lake Room had a group of attentive residents to listen to Sergeant Greg Drew and Detective Larry Jones from Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority who presented information on how their unit works to eliminate fraud from the Housing Choice Voucher Program.   There are approximately 16,000 recipients of subsidized vouchers in Cuyahoga County, and 2,000 of these recipients reside in Euclid.  HCVP properties include both single family homes and apartment units occupied by families or individuals.  These rental properties are located throughout Euclid in every neighborhood.  Although most HCVP renters and landlords follow rules and exist in our community without incident, sometimes a renter or landlord will take advantage of the HCVP by not complying with the rules or conditions of the program.  This is when Sgt. Drew and Det. Jones get involved.

Some of the points we learned during the presentation include:

  • Voucher applications include the name of every person who will live in the home. If an unauthorized person is living in the home, the voucher will be revoked.
  • If the applicant provides false information or fails to provide accurate information on the application or recertification, this is considered fraud.
  • Applicants undergo a background check prior to being accepted into the HCVP program.
  • If the landlord or someone from the landlord’s family is the recipient of the voucher, the voucher will be revoked.
  • If someone in the home commits a violent felony, the voucher will be revoked.
  • If there is felony drug activity at the home, the voucher will be revoked.
  • Tier III sex offenders are not eligible to receive and cannot benefit from HCVP.
  • Tier I & II sex offenders may be eligible.
  • HCVP properties are inspected every year and must pass HUD HQS inspection.
  • There are no limits to the number of HCVP in a particular area.
  • Landlords do not have to accept renters in the HCVP.
  • Landlords who do accept renters in the HCVP program must comply with rules and conditions of the program.
  • Noise complaints and other nuisance activity should be reported to the Euclid Police, not CMHA.
  • CMHA can be contacted if it is believed that HCVP tenants or landlords are not complying with the rules of the program.

IMAG0544  Detective Jones (L) and Sergeant Drew of CMHA police.